About Our Company

Being an entrepreneur ! A dream for most of us and only some of us manages to realize it .

Earnest and confident enough we were, we took all possible efforts to realize our college day dreams of setting up an IT venture. With sparkling confidence and boundless curiosity, like that of a sponge in water, we absorbed all technicalities and honed our skills from every possible channel around us. Social marketing was the order of the day then with enormous opportunities to explore and grow. That along with the fact that we had inclination for the same naturally made us choose that industry. And when we felt it was time, college day like minds of similar wavelength and industry got together and formed genxlead.

The name - genxlead. We wanted our brand to reflect our thought. And since our notion in venturing out was to lead the change in the social marketing media for the next generation, we called ourselves genxlead.Started as a small group of three, the Genxlead is now a bigger family, still in the growing phase with increasing number of family members taking care of the newer services, technologies we are into day by day.

At this point, catering to email marketing, social marketing and search engine optimization, genxlead has near future plans for becoming the generation next leaders in Search Engine Optimization for national and international clientele and the reliable option as the best Email Service Providers.

"The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself"
-Peter F. Drucker